"How I finally solved the horrific meltdowns of my out-of-control 3yo with this $30 supplement"

I was at the end of my rope and it was the biggest turnaround for my child, for myself, and for my whole family

I used to be one of those people.  

Shaking my head and saying ‘my child wouldn’t dare.’ It worked for my first daughter. Then my son came along.

I tried to pick him up. He kept screaming and kicking and wriggling out.

I had no option but to drag him by the hand toward the exit, while people made way for the world’s worst mom and her little monster. I tried to ignore the head shakes and the tut-tuts.

“If they are loved,” I heard one woman say, “they don’t tantrum like this.”

My head was burning and my heart was racing. By the time we made it to the car, hot tears were running down my face. Meanwhile, my defiant, angry, uncontrollable 3-year-old kept bawling his blood-curdling scream.

Hi, I'm Jessica Acosta. I thought I knew a lot...then I became a mom. Then came the tears. Restless nights. And the daily struggles. That's why I like to write about ways to get rid of the stress that comes with the million responsibilities of a mom. So you get the peace you deserve.

Jessica Acosta

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

My son was the most contented baby ever. And then at age two, the tantrums started. Normal. But instead of it getting better, it just.... stayed horrible and got worse as he grew and changed.

Most days, he was aggressive or had tantrums. His first tantrum usually started 5 minutes after waking up, and he had up to 4 in the space of an hour.

He hardly ever sat still, and I could rarely interact with him because he moved about all the time. He never spoke to me — he growled and snapped.

My once-happy home became tense. My husband and I started fighting. I would lock myself in the bathroom and pretend I was showering so I could cry without everyone knowing. I thought it was me. I felt like I was failing him.

And what about him? I know now he was frustrated that he couldn't control his behavior. It was taking its toll on him, and it would only get worse — if we couldn’t find a way to help him. 

My son was out of control, and my whole family was miserable

It got to the point where my boy wasn't allowed to sit on the story time mat with the other kids.

He struggled with finding friends to play with and ended up sitting alone on the buddy bench a lot. Nobody wanted to be with a kid who couldn’t keep his hands to himself... who was aggressive ... and who the teacher disapproves of.

What do you think this does to a child's self-esteem? How would it warp him as he grew up?

How would he grow up like this?

Of course, I tried everything. Positive reinforcement. Time outs. Ignoring bad behavior... confiscating toys... a points system with rewards. I even tried meditation and mindfulness.

We also eliminated ALL sugar and artificial food dyes. We began to eat as organic and clean as possible. Lots of fruits and veggies. I also gave him supplements to cover any nutritional deficiencies he might have.

I wanted to help him so badly. But none of it made any difference.

This didn't feel like the 'terrible twos'. My oldest went through that, but this was much worse. Plus, it wasn't going away, after almost 18 months of daily struggle and misery.

I started to scramble to find a doctor. Even though I am averse to any medications for my family unless absolutely necessary, we were only a couple of weeks away from putting our son on pharmaceuticals. And then something happened.  

One afternoon, I was at the grocery store again, this time blessedly alone. And I heard a familiar voice behind me.

"Hi Kathy!"

It was my ex-coworker Lisa. I hadn't seen her in more than a year. The last thing I remembered of her was her difficult 6-year-old daughter. She had lots of issues with attention, impulsivity, and following instructions.

Lisa and I got to talking... about what else? About my out-of-control kid and her out-of-control kid.

"Oh, it's been a miracle," she said. "My daughter has no issues any more. Her behavior is just like any normal kid now. And it was such a small thing too."

My heart was in my throat. I begged Lisa to tell me more.

The unlikeliest bit of help from the most unexpected corner

"It turned out to be a nutritional deficiency," Lisa said. " A multivitamin gummy fixed it."

My heart sank. Not back in its place. But down to my feet.

"I tried giving him supplements before,” I said. “Besides, we only do super clean food, tons of fruits and veggies. A gummy is not going to do anything for him."

But Lisa wouldn't let it go. "I thought the same," she said. "But it made such a huge difference. It matters so much which brand you get." And she told me the name of the brand she gives to her daughter.

As you can probably guess, I ignored Lisa’s recommendation for weeks. After all, I’d tried supplements before. They did nothing for my son's behavior issues.

It was only weeks later, after I came across a new study about the real cause of kids’ behavior issues, that I finally gave Lisa’s “magic” recommendation a try. I wish I hadn’t been so stubborn for so long.

A new theory of behavior issues in kids?

I'll tell you all about the study that opened my eyes in just a second. But first, let me give you the full breakdown of the effect on my son's behavior.

I ordered the brand of multivitamin gummies that Lisa told me about. They are called 
First DayI'd never heard of them before — they aren't a big name yet, they are not available on Amazon, and seem to be more of a boutique for kids' vitamins.

Anyways, I ordered one test bottle. It arrived very quickly since it's 
an American company and ships from the U.S.

I opened the bottle up as soon as it arrived. It was promising. The gummies smell great, not like typical chalky vitamins. They also look great — fresh and bright, like they had just been put in the bottle the night prior.

Then came time for the first test. 

Solution tested and proven

I framed the gummy as a treat when I gave it to my son before breakfast. Normally, he's a very picky eater, and even when we tried to get him to eat veggies, it involved jumping through a lot of hoops — coating them in butter, masking them with dips.

But not so with the First Day gummy.

My son studied it for a second and scarfed it down.  Then he smiled and asked for more. I gave him the second one (two is the daily dose). Then I distracted him with real breakfast because I didn't want to give him more than that (more on this below).

Every morning since, he asks me for his "gumbie." So he likes the taste... but what about his behavior? I couldn’t believe it. The changes to his behavior happened instantly. Well, almost instantly. Let me tell you about them.

My son loved the taste of First Day vitamins, but the real surprise was the behavior changes

My son was having trouble socializing and I worried it would only get worse

So the first day I gave my son the First Day gummies, there was no change. Regular difficult behavior. Tantrums and fights. But day 2?

On day 2, he didn’t have a single tantrum. To be fair, I can't be sure it was the effect of the gummy (though I’ll tell you in a second why I believe it was). In any case, by the end of the first week, I had no doubts any more.

His tantrums had decreased in number as well as severity. Sure, he still got cranky, he was still strong-willed. And yes, he still did scream and cry on occasion.

But we didn't get to any full-blown meltdowns. And the times he did get upset he was much more quick to let it go. It was already such a huge improvement.

The second day... all the way to the first month of changes

The human body, even that of a 3-year-old, needs B vitamins for nerves to fire correctly... it needs vitamins A and D in the brain for dopamine production... it needs ALL vitamins at optimal levels to achieve deep, regenerative sleep.

And if you have a deficiency of any of these vitamins?

The result can be impulsivity, inattention, aggressiveness, and tantrums.

It's not just me saying this. I mentioned before the study which made me even consider giving multivitamins a shot. It was conducted at the University of Michigan. 

Why I failed to fix the issue all the times before

Scientists there looked at 100 kids' vitamin D status. And they found that kids with low levels of vitamin D were TWICE as likely to show aggressive behavior.

And there are dozens of studies like this. All around the world, scientists have linked low levels of different vitamins to trouble with focus, to fidgety behavior, to inattention and problems with following directions.  Which raises a critical question:

Why did I never hit on this before, in spite of giving my son other multivitamins, and giving him a diet full of fruits and veggies?

There are several possible reasons. Many supplement companies use cheap forms of vitamins that pass through the body unused. Others provide them in such low doses as to be useless.

It's also a matter of having the right combo of vitamins. Vitamins work in tandem, and if any of a dozen is missing, it can cause neurological problems or sleep issues that lead to aggressiveness, anger, or tantrums.

That's probably why my attempts at a clean, organic diet didn't produce the same impressive results as the First Day gummies. I simply couldn't give him all the vitamins he needed, in sufficient amounts. And you know what?

I bet this was causing other problems too. Here’s what I mean. 

Even if vitamin deficiencies had nothing to do with my son’s behavior issues, I would still give him these gummies. In fact, I give them to my 7-year-old daughter now as well.

Of course I do! Because there are a thousand and one things in the body that need optimal vitamin levels to work right.

My daughter used to get sick regularly. Nothing major, but she was very susceptible to every bug that passed through school. I’m really curious what’s going to happen now that I'm giving her the First Day gummies each day. I'm hoping it will help her get sick less and to get over bugs more quickly.

The fact is — allergies, sickness, immunity problems, even brain function issues — all of these can be caused by vitamin deficiencies. I think in my son’s case, a deficiency was probably causing problems with reaching deep sleep. That’s why he was behaving so badly — and that’s why the gummies already produced a result on day 2.

The issue is this:

In today's world, it's pretty much impossible to get kids to eat all the veggies they really need to get all those vitamins. And even if I could feed my kids nothing but lettuce and kale, there's still no guarantee I could get them ALL the vitamins they need, in perfect doses.

Because too much of any vitamin can be as harmful as too little. Many vitamin companies don’t seem to get this, or they just count on impressing parents with big numbers.

why I still stick with the First Day brand and not others. The company claims to use only the best ingredients, at scientifically backed doses, and based on the results, I believe them. Their gummies are also free of gluten, gelatin, artificial dyes, and they are made with the highest-quality production process.

Do I sound like a big raving fan? That’s because I am!

These things have literally transformed my household in so many beneficial ways. And even so, the price is so affordable, particularly when you compare it to alternatives we were considering. Which brings me to my final point.

Thousands of reasons to give my kids these gummies

Look, my son hasn't turned into a perfect little angel. Nor do I expect or want that.

I know kids get cranky, hungry, tired, bored, that they make a mess. But his behavior now is night and day to how it was before. And I believe these First Day gummies are to thank.

I'm also not saying every child can be helped just with a multivitamin. But it's certainly worth a try, before reaching for much more serious (and unnatural) options.

Last weekend, a hair stylist who had not seen my son in 4 or 5 months gave an unsolicited comment on how CALM he was. He actually sat and played quietly with a couple of toys he had brought along while I received a trim.

I'm eternally grateful for finding these gummies. I know every child is different, but they've been a huge help to my son. And of course, my whole family is so much happier as a result.

I tell everyone about these and joke that I would literally be their "spokes-mom" if I could, because I love them so much.

Finally a normal, happy, healthy kid I can deal with

I just found out that the First Day company is currently running a special promotion where they are offering up to 31% off the regular price of their kids multivitamin gummiesI'm definitely going to jump on this opportunity and stock up, especially since both my kids now take these gummies.

I realize now how hard it must have been for my son to be out of control, to know he was being bad, and still not be able to control himself.

For any kids showing similar problem behaviors, a simple vitamin deficiency might be at the root of it. And that’s why I recommend these gummies to all kids and parents — the sooner you check them out the better.

31% off for the moment

How To Get First Day Gummies Now

Now that you know about this revolutionary product, let me show you how easy it is to use it. All you need to do is follow these 3 steps:

      • Step 1: 
Order your First Day gummies today to take advantage of the 31% off discount.
      • Step 2: After receiving the bottle, store it in a safe place your kids can’t reach.
      • Step 3: Once a day, give your child two First Day gummies (more is NOT better).

Here's a tip: Know any overworked and overstressed moms? First Day gummies can be the perfect present to help them keep their kids happy and healthy!

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Branda W.

My son loves the First Day gummy vitamins! No fake flavors. As a mom , I’m picky about what I give my child. Thank you for providing nutritional value to start his day!

Aracely L.

It has always been a battle for my son to eat his veggies and meals. He loves these gummies and I notice his appetite is much better and he has his gummies with no hassle. will sure order again.

Sesha J.

I tried these as a parent of a child struggling with behavior issues in school. Both of my kids are healthy eaters, but I figured a supplement could help fill in the nutritional gaps. My kids really enjoy the new formula and tell me they taste like "regular gummies" now.

Carol B.

We have been using this vitamins for my grandson for well over a year now. He is a super picky eater and vegetables-- well they will make him die-- according to him! These in my opinion help him to focus better in school and his moods are more predictable. I couldn't be more pleased with the new formula, he takes them easier now. I love how they arrive ever other month without fail and I don't have to stare in the supplement isle at the grocery store trying to figure out which bottle is best! I also love that we have 1 bottle and we get to refill it with the pouches!

Diana C.

"first day" is the first kids vitamin that my kids LOVE taking every morning! If I ever forget, they have no problem reminding me! lol. They love how they taste, and they even tell me that they "feel healthier" taking them! I'm seriously so glad that after trying like a "bajillion" other vitamins, we have found a winner!! :D

A crowd started to form around us.

        "My head was burning and my heart was racing. By the time we made it to the car, hot tears were running down my face."

What had happened to my once-sweet boy? What had I done to cause this?

I remember the last time so clearly. He was completely out of control at the supermarket. 

Running away from me, aggressive, knocking things off the shelves. When I tried to calm him, he threw himself, screaming, kicking, face down, on the supermarket floor.

Most of the world is deficient in at least one vitamin — with serious consequences

My son loved the taste of the First Day gummies, and I loved all the other good effects

By the end of the month, we went to his doctor's appointment (at this point, we were still talking about putting him on meds). She noticed such a difference that she was fully supportive of continuing our natural methods and even wrote a letter to support our decision to his preschool.

And as for preschool, we finally started to get good reports. His teacher gave him positive reports for weeks in a row and that NEVER happened before. She even told us she no longer had to keep him apart from the other kids. He was quickly integrating into the class and making friends!

After that first month, you can bet 
I stocked up on the First Day gummies. But I was still in wonder that the right multivitamin could make such a difference. So I dug in for an explanation. Here's what I found.

        "I wanted to help him so badly. But none of it made any difference."

        "They found that kids with low levels of vitamin D were TWICE as likely to show aggressive behavior."